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EPRI Travel Contacts

Tiffany Varner 865-218-8112

Valerie Powers 650-855-2245
Outside of US: 781-970-1216

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Traveler Profiles  

To best meet your needs, all travelers must update their profiles as soon as possible to ensure Travizon has your specific travel preferences. To complete your profile, please log on to:



Office Hours: 8:30am - 5:30pm EST

Phone: 866.612.EPRI (3774)

Email: epritravel@travizon.com

IF OUTSIDE OF THE U.S., DIAL 781-970-1216


VIP Agents  

Office Hours: 8:30am - 8:30pm EST

Phone: 877.439.0425

Email: eprivip@travizon.com

IF OUTSIDE OF THE U.S., DIAL 781-970-1216

Pam DeMari

Eileen Greer

Meredith Olson

Beth Coughlin

Melissa Trayan

Hillary Schreiber

Elizabeth Toglia


Quick Tips  

Travizon Consolidator Program – Save up to 25% on last minute travel.

  • Based on availability
  • Applicable on major carriers and on fares $1000 and above
  • Tickets are non-refundable, but can be re-used in ninety (90) for a change fee (applicable only on same routing)
  • All changes MUST be made through Travizon

Cost Saving Tips

  • Travelers should always ticket travel as far in advance as possible to ensure best possible pricing. Best practice dictates 14-21 days prior to travel.
  • Always report all unused tickets to your dedicated agent for immediate re-use.
  • When changing plans, always remember to cancel hotel reservations to avoid a no-show charge.
  • Always re-fuel rental cars prior to returning. The cost of refueling through the rental company may sometimes be more than the daily rental fee.

Planning a Vacation?
Email leisure@travizon.com or call 800.872.2720 for superior service when preparing your next trip.
Visit our site at www.travizonabove.com.

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